Better thinking. Better habits. Better money.

Financial Planning for Professionals in Healthcare and Law.



Successful wealth management is about creating fluid financial plans. This plan addresses strategies to minimize taxes, the cost of student loans, provide a lifetime of income, and allow you to become financially organized


With Independence and access to a wide range of active and passive investment strategies, as well as alternative investments, our allegiance is always you, and never to specific products.


There are too many different types of insurances out there. We’ll make sure that you have proper coverage where you need them, and them get rid of them when they’re no longer needed.


Offering workplace benefits is crucial to a small business. It helps owners offset some of their tax liabilities and retain good employees.​

Enjoy your life today,

while planning for the future.

Someone once told me that the best way to show you love, is by giving your TIME.

They were right. Our most valuable currency is TIME.

In my practice, I’m here to remind you to enjoy life today, while also planning for the future. Don’t wait until retirement.

We’re here to help you find a way to live well today, and in retirement.

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