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We help busy professionals find a work-life balance that fuels their dreams.

Student Loans Are Your Biggest Retirement Risk

Are you on track for earning forgiveness? Less than one percent of applicants actually get approved*.

Import Student Loans

We import your student loan data from the source, the National Student Loan Data Systems. We'll review everything and crunch the numbers.

Identify the Best Repayment Strategy

We will present financial comparisons of all your student loan repayment options including Standard, Extended term, Graduated and all the Income-Driven Repayment plans: PAYE, RePAYE, IBR, and ICR.

Strategy Implementation*

For those subscribed to on-going planning, we'll help you implement your strategy. Nothing helps better than an accountability partner.

Calculate Loan Forgiveness Impact

We'll project your potential to benefit from federal student loan forgiveness. If forgiveness is likely, we can estimate your potential tax bill and help you create a savings strategy to pay it.


We'll create and evaluate multiple potential scenarios (such as a wedding or job change). We'll show you how they affect your monthly payment and its impact on forgiven amounts.

Client Presentation

We will review everything and crunch the numbers. We'll personally explain the pros and cons of various strategies, present key decision points, and answer all your questions in a web meeting.

30,000 applicants filed for forgiveness via PSLF in 2017. Only 96 applicants were approved.

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