Managing Student Loans for Attorneys WEBINAR – February 27

Managing Student Loans for Attorneys” WEBINAR

We all know the statistics… or do we? Next to mortgage debt, student loan debt is the largest form of debt in America. It beats credit card debt and automotive debt —combined. And when you throw law graduates into the mix, the numbers are even more staggering. If you want to know your rights and ways to minimize your student loan risk, register for this free webinar — Managing Student Loans for Attorneys WEBINAR.

When: February 27, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Cost: FREE

Registration link:


Join Tom Martin for “Managing Student Loans for Attorneys” WEBINAR

We will answer your biggest questions about student loans:

* A Crash Course in Student Loans
* How to examine your current situation
* Repayment Plan Programs
* Student Loan Management Programs
* Loan Forgiveness Programs
* When to start
* Specific goals that make sense
* Minimize the cost of your debt
* Manage your risk
* Build your net worth
* Q&A

We will also discuss specific student loan management strategies for:

– Law Students
– Big Firm and Corporate Attorney
– Government and Nonprofit Attorney
– Small and Medium Firm Attorney
– Solo Practioner
– Contract Attorney
– Non-Attorney
* Student Loan Debt Management

All registrants receive a recording of the webinar.



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