My name is Tom Martin and I’m an independent, financial planner.
I work with professionals in healthcare and law because I enjoy the level of complexity in their finances, even just out of medical and law school.
My philosophy is to create fluid financial plans for my clients, not emergency retirement plans.
This plan addresses strategies to minimize taxes, the cost of your student loans, provide a lifetime of income, and allow you to become financially organized.
I know how important balance is to a family and how having confidence in your financial plan can enhance that balance.

Tom Martin

Founder & CEO

Tom Martin is the Founder & CEO of Clear Path Financial Planning, a modern financial planning and investment management firm serving professionals in law, healthcare, and business across the United States.

As President of Clear Path Financial Planning, an Independent practice offering securities through TD Ameritrade Institutional, Inc., Tom is dedicated to helping people restore the financial strength and confidence people desperately want and need, through life’s many transitions. Whether you’re going through a marriage, divorce, starting a business, loss of a loved one, or retirement, he’s here to help.

Tom Martin provides his clients with investment strategies that are designed to build wealth through comprehensive wealth management. He works closely with each client to  thoroughly understand their investment goals, objectives, and underlying financial positions. He specializes in creating customized financial plans with the ongoing goal of providing the highest level of personalized service, which having access to a diverse group of money managers and industry experts.

Tom was nominated for the 2019 Wealth & Money Management Award by Wealth & Finance International for being a market leader and innovator.

Tom enjoys spending his time off traveling with family and friends. He’s also a contributing writer at

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