College Done Right™️️ Blueprint

Helping families make college more affordable

Our relationship with our clients start with a focus on college. Today, the cost of college has skyrocketed beyond the ability for most parents to pay. We utilize hundreds of Financial Aid, Tax Savings, Lending, Cash Flow, Income and Expense, and Investment Strategies that can potentially save your family tens-of-thousands of dollars on your children’s college education.

EFC down to the penny

We’ll calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) using both the federal (FAFSA) and institutional (PROFILE) methodologies.

Lookup scholarships, 529s, and majors

We’ll look up and suggest scholarships, compare different 529 plans, and pull information on available majors.

College search and comparison

We deliver side-by-side comparisons of academic and financial statistics of up to four (4) colleges.

What-if scenarios

We will develop custom scenarios and easily compare the impact of our suggested planning strategies.

Retirement Stress Test

Money saved in your retirement accounts helps make up for the cost of college. We will run various stress tests on your retirement accounts to look for ways to save on money as well as make sure you’re not taking on more risk. If there’s a problem, we’ll know.

This service is offered at no additional charge to clients subscribed to Comprehensive Financial Planning at the FAMILY level or higher. If you are interested in college planning and not one of those clients, please be advised that we only accept 10 new college planning only clients a year.

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