We are fee-only financial advisors. We don’t accept sales commissions, kickbacks or rebates from any investment or insurance companies. We’re not about products and transactions.

Fiduciary Promise

We are an independent, fee-only financial advisor.  Unlike many financial advisors, Clear Path Financial Planning advisors are also fiduciaries for our clients, and we put that in writing with our Fiduciary Promise.  We operate with complete transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose all details, fees and expenses.  We take the time to thoroughly explain all of your investments in plain English.

Because we put you first, we don’t accept sales commissions, kickbacks or rebates from any investment companies.  We’re not about products and transactions.  The result?  There are none of the conflicts of interest inherent in commissioned broker transactions.

We’re Different. This is not how all advisors run their business.  We encourage all consumers to understand how their advisors are being compensated. To schedule a private consultation with one of our financial advisers, call us at 203-699-6631 or 203-671-4246.

Fiduciary Oath

  • We will put your interests first – ahead of our own.
  • We will act in utmost good faith and undivided loyalty to you.
  • We will make recommendations only after understanding your investment objectives, financial situation and concerns.
  • We will act diligently and exercise professional competence.
  • We will eliminate conflicts of interest wherever possible, and provide full and fair disclosure for conflicts that are unavoidable.
  • We will provide you with a full and fair disclosure of all fees.
  • We will not accept payments for recommending any investment to you.
  • We will not accept payments from other professionals for referring you to them.

Code of Ethics

Objectivity: NAPFA members strive to be as unbiased as possible in providing advice to clients, and NAPFA members practice on a Fee-Only basis.

Confidentiality: NAPFA members shall keep all client data private, unless authorization is received from the client to share it. NAPFA members shall treat all documents with care and take care when disposing of them. Relations with clients shall be kept private.

Competence: NAPFA members shall strive to maintain a high level of knowledge and ability. Members shall attain continuing education at least at the minimum level required by NAPFA. Members shall not provide advice in areas where they are not capable.

Fairness & Suitability: Dealings and recommendation with clients will always be in the client’s best interests. NAPFA members put their clients first.

Integrity & Honesty: NAPFA members will endeavor to always take the high road and to be ever mindful of the potential for misunderstanding that can accrue in normal human interactions. NAPFA members will be diligent to keep actions and reactions so far aboveboard that a thinking client or other professional would not doubt intentions. In all actions, NAPFA members should be mindful that in addition to serving our clients, we are about the business of building a profession, and our actions should reflect this.

Regulatory Compliance: NAPFA members will strive to maintain conformity with legal regulations.

Full Disclosure: NAPFA members shall fully describe method of compensation and potential conflicts of interest to clients and also specify the total cost of investments.

Professionalism: NAPFA members shall conduct themselves in a way that would be a credit to NAPFA at all times. NAPFA membership involves integrity, honest treatment of clients, and treating people with respect.

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