Getting Started

Financial Planning isn’t just about the money. It’s about your time.

Step 1



In our first meeting, we take the time to discuss your financial life from a 30,000 foot view. We’ll explore the reasons behind wanting to meet and address your immediate financial concerns. Then, we’ll move on to the things that are important to you and encourage you to dream big for your future.

Step 2



During this part of the process we take your dreams and goals and bring them to life. We ask you to complete specific tasks and work with you to paint the picture of how your life would look if it was everything you wanted it to be, if you were truly living the life of your dreams. You will feel motivated and energized by the possibilities that lie ahead of you.


This part of the process looks at what is standing in the way of you living that dream life. We work together to overcome these obstacles so you may have a “clear path” to a financial life plan that delivers the life that is everything you want it to be.

Step 3



We will review your initial Financial Life Plan. Your Financial Life Plan which will address the major facets of your financial life, such as: Investments, Tax Planning, Cash Flow, Net Worth, Insurance, Stock Options, Employee Benefits, College Planning, and Estate Planning.

Step 4


Execution & Monitoring

This the implementation part of the process where we put in place all the recommendations in your plan to bring your financial life plan to life. We will undergo in-depth research and analysis to ensure your recommendations are made specific to you and we use our investment process to deliver a structured, seamless and systematic investment experience.

We deeply believe that the value of planning is the process of planning vs. the plan itself. Now it’s time to take action. We prioritize the most important tasks while scheduling others for the future. We also monitor your plan so we can make changes as opportunities and challenges arise. In addition to monitoring your plan and guiding you through your financial life, we will also help you manage your investments.

Enjoy life today + Plan for the future.

Financial Life Management is comprehensive financial planning and investment management applied through the lens of your fulfilled life. Rather than simply give you the text book solution, we apply our technical expertise once we know what a great life looks like to you. After all, you are hiring us, not your money.