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Tommy Martin is the CEO & Founder of Clear Path Financial Planning. He’s regarded as a thought leader on how to most of college selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and maximizing the resources families already have. You can follow him on social media @tommymartininc or his blog


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Tommy Martin is the CEO & Founder of Clear Path Financial Planning, a modern financial planning firm for college-bound families and early-career professionals.


His mission is to help families create ideal outcomes for their children — so they can live their greatest life. He helps families make the most of school selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and by maximizing the resources they have today. Tom frequently speaks to organizations and parent groups, as well as hosts regularly webinars.


Tommy grew up in North Haven, Connecticut. He is an entrepreneur experienced professional with over 14 years experience emphasizing business development, sales, and marketing. Tom is very passionate about children in need and the environment. He donates his time and resources to several community-based non-profit organizations in these areas. Tom resides in Cheshire, Connecticut with his wife and two boys. He’s a dog lover and enjoys traveling. During the summer months, he’ll travel with his children to find new and exciting areas to camp. He believes in the power of aligning your life and family values with how you spend your resources (time, skill, money, health).


Additionally, Tommy serves as a financial expert on He shares ideas, tools, and resources to help entrepreneurs create a business and life they love. He also speaks to large organizations to educate  families about the rising costs of college and the importance of financial planning.


For more information, visit or his personal blog where he shares the very best of what he’s living and learning at You can also find him on social media @TommyMartinInc


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