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Flat Fee of

Annual Contract, Paid Monthly, Quarterly. or Semi-Annually.


Fees are negotiable.

Annual Contract. Investment fees are paid Quarterly, in arrears.


Financial Planning services are charged as a fixed fee, which varies by complexity and starts at $200/month, or $2,400/year. Note: This service is included to households with $250,000 in assets under management.

Broadly, financial planning will address several areas, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Personal Finance Management. including identifying financial goals, evaluating financial statements, cash flow management, financial counseling, and debt management.
  • Education Planning: including education needs analysis, education savings vehicles, financial aid, gift/income tax strategies, and education financing.
  • Insurance Planning: including planning for investment taxes. Services out of scope here, but covered in investment management, include incorporating investment risk, assessing investment returns, determining asset allocation, portfolio development & diversification, bond and stock selection, and alternative investment assessment.
  • Tax Planning: including factoring income taxes, taxation of business entities, taxation of trusts and estates, alternative minimum tax (AMT), tax reduction techniques, tax consequences of property transactions, passive activity and at-risk rules, and charitable/philanthropic contributions.
  • Retirement Planning: including retirement needs analysis, social security, medicare, medicaid, qualified plan rules & options, tax-advantaged retirement plans, plan selection for businesses, distribution rules and taxation, retirement income distribution, and business succession planning.
  • Estate Planning: consequences of property titling, strategies to transfer property, estate planning documents, gift and estate tax, sources for estate liquidity, taxation of trusts, marital deductions, intra-family & business transfer techniques, and estate planning techniques.
  • Other Planning: Buy vs. Lease a Car decision, Buy vs. Rent a Home decision, Credit card selection, Understanding Diamonds, Career Planning, Job Offer negotiation, Employee benefits selection, Saving for Travel, and Merging Finances.

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