Your financial needs and wants change over time, from paying off your student loan debt to getting married, saving up for a deposit on your first home, starting a family, starting a business, to planning for retirement. You can trust in one constant: our ability to help you pursue your goals throughout life. With the full spectrum of financial and business services we offer, we can help you plan for a wide gamut of life events that will span your entire lifetime.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning can be a very exciting and revealing process. It’s about realizing the connection between tangible things like the money we make –and the intangible things like how great it feels to be there when your son or daughter scores their first goal.


This service involves working one-on-one with a planner over an extended period of time. By paying a monthly retainer, clients get continuous access to a planner who will work with them to design their plan. The planner will monitor the plan, recommend any changes and ensure the plan is up to date.

    $75 monthly*

    Initial Planning Fee: $500-750

    • *Monthly fee: $75-$100 monthly (depending on complexity)
    • Identify Goals, Values & Dreams
    • Organize Financial House
    • Cash flow & Debt Analysis
    • Emergency Funding
    • Annual Vacation Funding
    • Dreams/Goals Funding
    • Employee Benefits Optimisation
    • Student Loan Debt Plan
    • Debt Management Plan
    • Monthly Progress Report
    • Check-in Call (every 3 months)
    $100 monthly*

    Initial Planning Fee: $1,000-$2,000

    • *Monthly fee: $100-$200 monthly (depending on complexity)
    • Identify Goals, Values & Dreams
    • Organize Financial Household
    • Cash flow & Debt Analysis
    • Annual Travel/Vacation funding
    • Dream/Goals Funding
    • Employee Benefits Optimization
    • Student Loan Debt Plan
    • College Planning
    • Investment Analysis & Management
    • Retirement Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Monthly Progress Report
    • Check-in Call (every 3 months)
    $125 monthly*
    Initial Planning Fee: $1,250-$2,500  
    • *Monthly fee: $125-300 monthly (depending on complexity)
    • Identify Retirement Goals, Values & Dreams
    • Forecast Retirement Cash flow & Budgeting
    • Retirement Debt Analysis
    • Review Employee Benefits
    • Retirement Income Need Planning
    • Pension Analysis
    • Social Security Strategy
    • Life Insurance Analysis
    • Survivor Benefits Review
    • Annuity Analysis
    • Medicare
    • Estate Planning
    • Investment Analysis & Management
    • Risk Management
    • Tax Efficiency Planning
    • Life Simplification Process
    • What-if Scenarios
    • Quarterly Account Review
    • Check-in Call (every 4-6 months)


Comprehensive financial planning consists of an upfront fee in the range of $1,000 to $2,000, depending on complexity and needs of the client. After that initial planning stage, which can take up to three months, we bill an ongoing fee that is paid monthly, in advance at the rate of $100 to $500 per month, depending on the complexity and needs of the client.

Investment Management

The 2008 financial crisis left lingering, unpleasant memories in its wake – and now investors expect wealth management advisors to handle risk much more effectively. Part of keeping clients at the center is making sure they feel confident their money will last a lifetime and could survive stress tests. To do that, We use sophisticated software that can test investments against predicted stresses – recessions, a collapse similar to 2008, interest rate hikes – or against investor fears, such as living longer than expected. These tests help us further customize the advice we provide.

Our clients’ investment and financial goals always come first. With independence and access to a wide range of active and passive investments strategies, as well as alternative investments, our allegiance is always to the client, and never to specific products. Providing comprehensive wealth management involves much more than simply building a portfolio. We are positioned to help clients, not only with portfolio management, but also with retirement, tax, estate, 401(k) rollovers, and insurance planning.

How will your investments react to a market correction or crash? Are you investments too risky? Take this free test.


 Starting at 1.0% per year for the first $250,000 with breakpoints thereafter.

Quick Start Program

Sometimes just getting the ball rolling can be the most difficult part. If you need a quick assessment of your financial situation, then my Quick Start planning session may be the ideal approach. During your session, we will discuss 1-2 financial topics, such as maximizing your company benefits and your 401k allocation, after which I will follow up with actionable recommendations for you in a clear and easy-to follow format.



College Planning

We will work with you to provide each of your children a customized college planning strategy that may help your family reduce out-of-pocket college costs. Every dollar saved on college costs can be reallocated for other important goals, such as retirement savings.



Student Loan Debt Advising

The Student Loan Blueprint is a comprehensive process that will help you answer all your student loan questions. We will review everything and crunch the numbers. We’ll personally explain the pros and cons of various strategies, present key decision points, and answer all your questions in a web or phone meeting.



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