Tommy’s commitment is to bring your audience the very best of what he’s living and learning, and to keep it real and honest.


Tommy Martin shares thought-provoking ideas, timeless wisdom, some nerdy antics, and an unwavering devotion to helping people live their most expansive, expressive and meaningful life.

He has produced a number of speaking programs for a wide variety of companies and organizations. These programs are designed to identify opportunities to enrich our life, pay down debt, and grow our money wisely.

Tommy isn’t some boring traditional financial advisor with a canned presentation. He doesn’t preach about saving today for some glorious day in the future when we’re all old and gray.

He’s an entertaining, thought-provoking entrepreneur and financial expert. His work opens people up emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. He inspires people to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live their lives once only imagined.

Curious about what we could do for you? Book Tommy today and he will design a custom program for your audience.


Reach out to us to find out more about how to hire Tommy.

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