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I’ve thought a lot about the word ‘compromise’ lately. In some ways, it can be a very effective and diplomatic way to solve tough issues that are rarely black and white.


In other ways, it can mean that we’re settling. This is exactly what I want parents to avoid when it comes to planning for college and retirement.


Todays parents need and want more from their financial advisor than simplistic ways to save for college. They want to work with an advisor that understands how the college and student loan system works.


We are that advisor. Let us help.


We believe in thinking differently. Everything we do is to help families live their greatest life.


We do this by making college more affordable — by making the most of school selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and by maximizing the resources you have today.


When it comes to college and student loans, we are the experts.


Import your student loan data and we’ll review everything. We’ll crunch the numbers. And we’ll personally explain the pros and cons of various strategies, present key decision points, and answer all your questions in a web or phone meeting.

A Story About Sarah

Sarah’s story is one that we’ve all heard about. She went to a public in state college, played sports and really had a wonderful college experience.


Fast forward to when we met. Sarah came to me in tears. She graduated with $120,000 in student loans and had been making on time payments for 5 years. In that time, her balance only went down to $118,000. Sarah isn’t a lawyer or a doctor. She’s a typical kid with a typical job, making $55,000. Her net pay is a little over $3,000 a month after taxes and deductions. Her monthly payments on a standard 10 year repayment plan is $1,200.


I would love to tell you that Sarah’s story is uncommon. Unfortunately, it’s all too common. Kids today are graduating college with too much debt. They don’t understand the money components to college. They just sign off on the paperwork and the money rolls in.


I’m sharing this story with you because Sarah hasn’t spoken to her parents in years. In part, she blames them. They were her parents and she expected them to protect her from this. She expected them to educate her on what this debt really meant. Because what does $100,000 or $200,000 in student loans really mean? Kids adopt to the mindset of it takes money to make money. As a nation, we don’t really do a good job at teaching personal finance to our kids. For many of us, we learn about it through the school of hard knocks.


And it’s having a profound affect on their life. They are delaying major life decisions like getting married, buying a home, starting a family, and even entering a career field of their choice.

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