We are not your father’s financial advisor.

We work with professionals in their 30s to 40s -just like you. We’ll work with you to create a financial plan that incorporates your student loans as part of an overall financial strategy. We’ll show you how to achieve the lifestyle you want, and do it with the least amount of compromise.

Financial Planning for Professionals

Highlights of this service

Import Student Loans

We will import your student loan data directly from the National Student Loan Database.

Identify the Best Repayment Strategy

We will present financial comparisons of all your repayment options including the 10-year Standard and all Income-Driven plans: IBR, new IBR, Revised PAYE, PAYE, ICR, 20-year Extended.

Strategy Implementation*

We will hold your hand through the entire process. We will help you implement your ideal repayment strategy based on your income and other factors. If a consolidation or refinance is likely, we know which lenders will be more favorable depending on your credit worthiness. We’ll also act as your accountability partner and make sure you’re funding your Emergency Fund, annual Vacation/Travel fund, etc.

Calculate Loan Forgiveness Impact

In most cases, Student Loan Forgiveness is taxable as income in the year your debt is cancelled. We will project your potential to benefit from forgiveness. We will calculate your projected tax bill and provide you with the savings strategy to pay for it.


Married? Are you filing jointly or separately? Do you plan on having children? We can create and evaluate multiple scenarios based on your unique situation (current and future), as well as current and project income.

Client Illustrations

We will review everything and crunch the numbers. We’ll personally explain the pros and cons of various strategies, present key decision points and answer all your questions in a web meeting.**

* Requires a monthly financial planning subscription.
** We use web conferencing with screen sharing features. You’re not required to have a webcam, but it does make meetings more engaging.

There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to life someone up.


Want us to take a look at your student loans?

Identify Your Best Repayment Strategy


See How Decisions Affect Monthly Payments


Calculate Loan Forgiveness Impact

Amount forgiven after 21 years: $152,707.72
Projected Tax in 2038: $53,447.70

Savings needed: $2,545.13/yr ( $212.09/month)


Student Loans Made Easy™

There comes a time in everyone’s student loan journey where we have to question the effectiveness of our repayment strategy. Maybe our balance isn’t dropping as fast as we’d like —or worse, it’s going up (despite making our scheduled payments).


We’ll review everything, crunch the numbers and explain everything in a web meeting. We’ll answer all your questions and get you on the right track.



This option is for single (not married) professionals in search of help and guidance in getting their finances and student loans in order.

  • Evaluate your current situation: tax returns, pay stubs, student loans, credit cards, credit history, credit score, etc.
  • Import your federal and private student loans
  • Identify your best repayment strategy
  • Help implementing your ideal financial strategy*
  • Calculate your potential to benefit from loan forgiveness
  • Estimate your potential tax bill in the event of a forgiveness
  • Optimize work benefits like 401(k)
  • Uncover your financial goals
  • Answer all your questions in a web meeting


ONE-TIME FEE: $1,000

For married professionals or those in a serious relationship (living together) in search of help and guidance in getting their finances and student loans in order.

  • All Student Loans Made Easy features
  • Strategize for taxes and maximizing deductions
  • View how getting married will affect your monthly payments
  • Compare how filing jointly or separately will affect your income-driven plans
  • Project effects of future raises in income
  • See how having children affects payments in the future

Planning eliminates the need to keep your fingers crossed.

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