Tom Martin

CEO & Founder of Clear Path Financial Planning

Someone once told me, “The best gift you can give to show love is time.” This expression didn’t mean as much in my twenties as it does to me now. Over the years, what I’ve learned is that life’s most precious commodity is TIME.

This theory has become the basis for my life’s work. I believe that if we can simplify your life and give you more confidence and direction by building a solid financial plan, then you can free up your time and spend it in more fulfilling ways.

Our relationship with our clients starts with a focus on college. The cost of college has skyrocketed beyond the ability for most parents to pay. Unfortunately, there are no underwriting requirements for lending money out for college. You can borrow way more than you can reasonably pay back. Because of that, parents and their children are getting into serious trouble. A family can be torn apart from arguments about student debt!

Kids are graduating college with six-figures of student debt for a $50,000 a year job, and they’re looking to their parents, bewildered, for an explanation. Why didn’t their parents protect them from this monster of a mistake? Even parents are entering retirement with six-figures of Parent PLUS loans, which they’ll never pay off. They try to shield their kids from the problem, absorbing it themselves.

It’s crystal clear to us that college is the biggest risk to your retirement plan. The fact that this is happening shows us that financial advisors aren’t providing sound financial advice around school selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and strategies to maximize the resources you have today.

We know how important balance is to a family, and how confidence in your financial plan can enhance that balance.  I invite you and your family to join me on this journey, and to let us help you create a life you love.

Life is short and there are more things than worrying about money; let us help!

Some fun facts about Tom:
Tom grew up in North Haven, Connecticut. He is an entrepreneur experienced professional with over 14 years experience emphasizing business development, sales, and marketing. Tom is very passionate about children in need and the environment. He donates his time and resources to several community-based non-profit organizations in these areas. Tom resides in Cheshire, Connecticut with his wife and two boys. He’s a dog lover and an avid golfer. During the summer months, he’ll travel with his children to find new and exciting areas to camp. He believes in the power of aligning your life and family values with how you spend your resources (time, skill, money, health).

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